The thief who spied on the beggar’s role

The public has been relieved of the arrest of the thief by the police who had gone to begging in the streets of Chennai and robbed many houses.

There were many looting incidents in the suburbs of Chennai, Pathavandangal, Madipakkam, Pillikkaranai, Salalur and Adampakkam.

The police have collected and monitored surveillance cameras installed in the spot where the police have received various complaints.

As a result, the police arrested Mohammed Anees from Ramanathapuram. In his trial, he will lie down like a beggar on the shore of Thirumeniyur and take the train from Parangai to monitor the houses in the area. Get to know more entertainment updates on this website.

If any house is locked without security, it will break it and steal the devices. Occasionally, the homeowners were also involved in the events. He then told the police that the man was trying to escape as begging.

In the continuing investigation of the robbery, the police revealed that the person had stolen the stolen items in a friend’s house in Trichy. Investigations have revealed that 40 sovereign jewels have been seized from Trichy friend. At present, police have registered a case against Mohammad Anees and are investigating.

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World Tamil Entrepreneurs Conference in Chennai

The US Tamil Entrepreneurship Organization conducts the Conference of Tamil Entrepreneurs on January 25 in Chennai.

The World Investor Conference will be held between January 23 and 24, 2019 on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu. GTN is a global Tamil Entrepreneurs Network, a system of American Tamil entrepreneurs. Chennai is holding a conference of 2019.

The conference said that Tamils ​​who are entrepreneurs in the world will participate in the conference, and it will be insisted to announce Chennai as Silicon Valley at this conference in Chennai.

“There will be seminars, discussions, and consultation meetings, and there will be a conversation about border renewal efforts, particularly about the production of electric-generated vehicles.” Said Narasimhan Kasturi, one of the founders of the conference.

Approximately 500 entrepreneurs are expected to attend this conference. Narasimhan hopes that this conference will lead to the emergence of connections between emerging entrepreneurs and the use of new technologies.

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