6 Tips for Purchasing a Good Portable Generator

Can you imagine your life without electricity, even for a while?

Sounds like a nightmare?

It is unlikely for us now to imagine our lives without the biggest blessing of this century, known to us as ELECTRICITY.

Today’s fast-paced life demands everything ready and done in minutes. We don’t have much time to keep on waiting for minor things like heating up food or sending a message to a friend. It’s all now a matter of click.

The credit goes to the electrical power supply that makes use of the technological wonders possible.

An uninterrupted power supply is as essential for our lives as oxygen to lungs. But sometimes the power supply may be shut down due to a damage in the main powerhouse either because of a technical fault or weather conditions.

What so ever the reason is, this breakdown brings stress and frustration to all of us as we all depend on a continuous electric supply for our chores. Hence, it’s rather safe than sorry to have a backup power supply available.

An Electrical Generator: A Magical Solution

An electric Generator has been a great blessing that gives us the best possible solution to deal with the troubles of electrical breakdown.

You must have witnessed the use of these generators in every possible place these days. Be it a home, a shopping mall, a small office or large factories, generators are used as the backup support for providing consistent power supply.

Depending on your needs, you can select a generator for your home or office. These generators are now available in varying capacities in terms of size, power supply, portability and fuel.

Portable Generators

For domestic uses, portable generators are a preferred choice these days. They offer a great convenience in terms of handling and portability. From capacity to cost-effectiveness, portable generators have everything in them to ensure non-stop power supply.

Tips to Buy the Best Portable Generator

If you are still puzzled which generator is best suited to your needs, we’re here to make the decision easy for you. Let us guide you about certain factors to consider before making a final purchase decision. Following these tips, you can save a lot of your money and time while purchasing a generator.

  1. Understand Your Needs

Getting a portable generator without figuring out your particular requirements is nothing but a wastage of money. Instead, make a smart investment to enjoy the returns for long.

Understanding your power need before buying a generator is very important.

The market is crammed with a varying capacity of generators. From light capacity generators, powering up few small appliances, to heavy generators with the ability to support your full range of appliances running constantly, a huge range of choices is available.

A portable generator is usually not able to support the heavy appliances like a refrigerator or air conditioner. But it can power up the lighting system and few of the appliances to run.

It is important to consider the design and capacity of the engine to determine the generator power. Heavy capacity generators are more expensive as compare to light capacity. So it’s better for you to determine which one is appropriate for your appliances and your pocket as well.

Key Point:       Generator Capacity VS your Individual Needs: Always make this factor the base of your decision

  1. Know about the Fuel Type

Another important factor to consider is the type of fuel used to power the generator.

Portable generators can be fueled up with diesel, gasoline, natural gas or propane, depending on your budget. Though gasoline-fueled portable generators are commonly available but they are not as better as a propane generator.

Liquid propane generators cost you less in terms of maintenance as well. If you are not even using a generator for long, propane will not degrade over time.

This is not the case with gasoline. The gasoline fuel tank is required to be replaced after every few months. Also, it emits more of unwanted gases to cause environmental contamination. Both propane and gasoline are not safer to be kept in reserve as these fuel cylinders may explode.

Another common and economical choice of fuel is diesel which is best suited for portable generators at home. Diesel is less costly, easy to maintain and less toxic than any other fuel.

One important consideration, while selecting a generator with respect to its fuel, is the storage of spare fuel. Usually, people prefer keeping the spare fuel as a proactive arrangement for emergency situations. Some kind of fuels is not safe to be stored in a house especially.

So before you make a decision of getting a portable generator, bear in mind this factor.

Key Point:       Purchase a Generator that demands a Reasonable Fuel with easy management.

  1. Be Familiar with the Generator Maintenance

Don’t buy a generator with the expectation of being free from wear and tear.

Every machine requires maintenance over a period of time and so do a generator too. Regular and timely maintenance adds more life to the generator.

While buying one for your home, it’s advisable to research about the time and ways to maintain your backup machine well.

There are certain models of generators that demand too much of care and maintenance from the user. Buying such kind of delicate generator is not a good choice.

But that doesn’t mean that you completely forget about their maintenance. Timely changing the fuel and cleaning the sensitive machine parts can help you run your generator for a long time.

Generally, these days, people prefer ordering quality and cost-effective generators from international dealers online. Though it saves you the cost, but it makes local maintenance very difficult especially in case of a technical fault.

If local maintenance service is unavailable, it will be a hassle for you in long run. You’ll be looking for the appropriate parts and service providers and will end up being disappointed.

Key Point:       Purchase a Generator that is Easy to be maintained in the long run.

  1. Prefer a User and Environment-friendly Generator

Many people think that generators-especially the portable one- are difficult to use.

The first example they state, while quoting difficulty, is the way it gets started. Actually starting up a generator is the hardest thing to do. It actually requires copious amount of strength, if it is a Pull-starter (with a starter rope to pull).

The generators at home must be easy to use. The portability is not the only factor. Preferably a generator with a startup switch must be selected (electric starter). A guidance booklet with the generator can make the tricky operation easy for you.

The second to the list of troubles is the noise of generators.

Noise is the factor that makes people annoyed with the use of generators. A noisy generator is a fuss not only for you but for your neighbors as well.

Why should you and the people around you suffer from noise pollution?

There are various brands available that offer a bit expensive but quieter generators to avoid the noise pollution. So before getting one for yourself, make sure your generator is not a noisy one.

Key Point:       Prefer buying a User and Environment-friendly generator.

  1. Consider the Equipment Size and Weight

The first image, while talking about a generator, pops up in one’s mind is something really ginormous.

Generators are usually perceived to be that big and heavy. But a portable generator must really be portable, in all aspects.

The smarter designs have altered the concept now. You can find generators in some reasonable size and weight as per the capacity.

Also, the generators with wheels are available that makes it easy for the user to move it when needed.

Key Point:       Pick a generator that is Smart in looks and performance.

  1. Look for Something Extra

Why buy a generator with typical ordinary features only?

When you are willing to spend money on purchasing a good quality generator, it must be worthy of it.

The modern generators have still a lot more to offer you. Not only the typical features, also look for additional characteristics in a portable generator for your home.

From noise detection level to fuel indication, the latest measuring gauges are added attractions in the generators today.

Some generators have Inverter technology. These models generate high quality and cleaner electricity as compared to the general competitor brands. Such innovative models provide a consistent wattage using a microprocessor-controlled circuit. They are lighter in weight but more expensive.

Also look out for a number of outlets. Usually four or more outlets are supposed to be the best in spreading the generator load. The more the outlets are available, the better it is for the user.

So when you are willing to buy one, why not a generator with something additional in it!

Key Point:       Your generator must offer something extra and special.


A generator is for sure a smart investment for an electricity backup at home. As we can’t afford the cost of electricity breakdown, we must invest in something alternately solving the trouble for us.

However, a little precaution while purchasing one for your family can save you from hassles and problems in future. Your money is worth to be invested somewhere that is not good for you only but for the environment as well.

The features discussed in this article can ease out decision making while finalizing the best generator according to your needs and specifications.

Keeping in mind the key points highlighted in this article will lead you towards getting the best quality portable generator that is economical, safe and best in terms of performance.