Christmas Comet After 70 Years: How to Watch

The NASA Space Center has announced that it will travel closer to Earth on the 16th of the Christmas Comet after 70 years . This year’s Christmas festivities have already begun to stumble. The Christmas star is called the Christmas Comet. Also, this Christmas comet is called 46 B Virdane ( 46P / Wirtanen ). You can see this comet directly. Traveling closer to Earth on the 16th The NASA Space Center has said that the comet will be seen at any time at night.

Moreover, we can see this comet of the Jupiter family from our eyes until the end of this month. This 46 P. Vertanean comet can be seen in the sky with the Gemini’s comet. You can see this star only from morning till tomorrow morning.

In December, when a large meteorologist entering the earth enters 3200 bay, enters the earth, with about 100 stars at the entrance to the earth. It is noteworthy that these astronomers can be clearly seen with telescope or phenacular.

It is noteworthy that this comet was the closest to the Earth about 70 years ago.