Importance of social media and database connection for businesses

Social media websites will be here for many years and they cannot easily be replaced because they serve many purposes. Social media is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Businesses all over the globe are moving to social media, from mainstream media. There is a significant connection between databases and social media today. Read on to get more information that can help your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

Know who you talk to

Twitter analytics tools and Facebook analytics can help businesses to get behavioral data and demographic data. With this information, you are assured of getting critical information when your company database is connected to all social media platforms. You will get to know subscribers, members, board members, and donors that follow your business and connect with them directly. When you have this information in your database, you can easily make better and more actionable interactions.

Generates large amounts of information

Most businesses sit on a great wealth of knowledge regarding their practices. Social media platforms can help companies generate large amounts of useful information. These platforms usually send lots of information into the databases. From the information that you gather through these channels, you will understand better the crucial dynamics such as customer loyalty and you will see the potential profits that your business can make. To achieve this, you will need proficiency in data analysis and management.

Identify and reward loyalists

With social media information directed to your databases, you can easily identify customers and influencers who are loyal to your organizations. Gathering information manually from social media platforms can be quite a challenge and will take lots of efforts. This is why you need to customize communication to get information that is meaningful to your organization. With the best DBA services by, you will achieve this. A good system can help you cultivate loyalty among your loyal clients and it will eventually pay off because you will be making a lifetime investment for your business.

Market trends

Connecting your database to social media will help you get information on market trends with ease. You will be able to know your competitors and what they offer that is unique. In addition, your business will be able to succeed because you will form targets and make key decisions that are more informed. This is because you will have market information that is coming directly from your customers.

Direct your marketing campaigns

Connecting social media to your company database is a powerful marketing tool as you will get instant feedback and targeted market response. With the right information, you will be able to direct your campaigns to target customers and this can guarantee success. Furthermore, tracking your return on investment becomes much easier with direct marketing when compared to email, mail or telemarketing.

Social media was intended to connect people. Therefore, by connecting social media platforms with your databases, you will be connecting your business directly to your clients. You can easily communicate with your customers through social media and avoid the hassle of sending endless emails. Any company that is yet to consider social media is losing out on getting crucial information for their database that may help in decision making.

Why every freelancer needs a personal website

The internet has truly transformed the way that the job market looks. Nowadays, you can get everything and anything online, including both employers and employees. It made it possible to monetize your skills and talents in a way that isn’t possible in traditional workplaces.

It also opened up a lot of opportunities for job providers to employ highly specialized experts on their projects for just a fraction of the cost of traditional employees. Paying less for a truly premium service isn’t bad for the other side either. People doing the freelance work can make more money and have more business opportunities open up to them in this kind of employment.

Websites like Freelancer, UpWork, 99designs and Fiverr have truly transformed the freelance market, but it did come at a cost.

Because there’s an abundance of highly skilled freelancers there, the competition is high and the stakes are enormous. In order for you to become a successful freelancer, you need to stand out from the crowd – not just with your work, but also with the way you promote yourself.

Sure, all of the above mentioned freelance platforms have profiles for you to fill in, but they’re aren’t the least bit as effective at getting you jobs as a simple website is.

That’s right, a simple, single-page website is the ultimate tool every freelancer needs. And let us tell you why.

1. It’s easy to make

With thousands of web developers and web designers competing for jobs online, it’s hard to think that you could made just as good of a website on your own. Website building platforms such as SITE123 enable everybody to create a beautifully designed, fully responsive website in minutes. Its intuitive interface and easy to use features, along with dozens of pre made designs and layouts have already made it a favorite among freelancers across the globe, and it’s time you joined the winning team.

It won’t take much time out of your busy schedule, which is a reason good enough on its own.

2. It makes you look more professional and reliable

Reliability is one of the main concerns employers have when dealing with freelancers. No matter how good the payment and work protection is on the job platform is, there’s really no guarantee that the desired quality and quantity of work will be met.

Creating a website and using it in all of your job applications make you look more professional and reliable. Employers love seeing that kind of commitment and dedication, as it translates well into the work they’d want to give you.

3. It gives you more space to showcase your work

Almost all freelance platforms have a designated area you can add your portfolio and showcase the projects you’ve worked on. However, the space is usually limited either by the number of items you can upload, or the details you can add to them.

Having a website gives you basically unlimited space to showcase all of the projects you’ve worked on. It also allows you to share them in detail – you can add a short text next to each project and tell your potential new employers what your thought process looked like and how you managed to overcome obstacles.

4. It allows you to show your creativity

The uniformity and simplicity of user profiles on UpWork, Freelancer and similar platforms does not allow your individuality and creativity to shine all the way through.

Having a free slate to showcase your creativity is a great way to catch a potential employer’s eye. SITE123 offers its users dozens of pre made designs and layouts, all of which can be customized to the very last detail. You can change the colors, fonts, images and even entire layouts as many times as you’d like.

Choose bold, eye catching colors to cater to a younger, more design-savvy employer, and a calmer, more sophisticated color palette and typeface for more formal jobs.

5. It makes it easier for employers to contact you

While freelance platforms offer unprecedented reliability and payment security, sometimes the fees employers pay just aren’t worth it. Many people seeking freelancers often use those platforms to scout for new talent, and then continue working with those experts outside of those platforms.

Having a website makes it easier for potential employers to contact you. Your SITE123 website comes with a default contact page you can customize to your liking. Add your email, phone number, skype name and the links to all of your social media platforms. You can even add a live chat app or a custom contact form from SITE123’s App Market.


Creating a personal website is a fun and easy project you can do in your spare time that has the potential to bring you more freelance work. It’s also a fantastic way to get your break as a freelancer, as larger, better paid projects are often out of reach for beginners.

With a professional SITE123 website in your job application, you’ll stand out from the crowd.